Broughman Commercial Services, Inc. was established in 2007. In March 2013 we relocated to Church Avenue in downtown Roanoke across from the historic No. 1 Fire Station. Principal broker/auctioneer, Brian Broughman, is also a designated certified commercial investment member (CCIM).

Possessing twenty years of industrial/manufacturing experience has assisted greatly in providing clients with the proper real estate facilities to suit their current requirements and allow for future growth. With nearly fifteen years in commercial real estate and auctions throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Brian has learned how to provide the right solution for your real estate needs. As a firm, we provide a wide array of real estate services, all of which are carefully tailored to each individual client.

Please use the following contact information:

NAI Broughman Commercial 
10 Church Avenue
S.E. Plaza Suite Two
Roanoke Virginia 24011
United States

Tel +1 540 400 6870
Fax +1 540 400 6871